Content Filtering On Wicoms Networks

The Daily Mail has just reported how Starbucks and BT in the UK offer no content filtering for users of its public WiFi service.  This we suspect will become a hot topic in the coming weeks and months.

Wicoms take content filtering extremely seriously.  The safety of consumers, the reputation of the venues they are in and the brands of the carriers and partners we work with are all at stake.  We block porn in all the locations that use our technology and service.  We also block malware and phishing sites as we value the safety and security of all those users that put their trust in us.

Wicoms operates a belt and braces system, with two levels of filtering.  Whilst content filtering can never be 100% failsafe all the time, we think we do a pretty thorough job.  Firstly all traffic is filtered by our own content system, for which we buy a commercial block list that is updated hourly.  Secondly we also use the world leading OpenDNS service (as used by one in three US schools) as a second line of defence in the unlikely event we miss something.

We firmly believe public WiFi should be as safe as possible, and should foster a safe environment for children.

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