Mobile Vouchers


Wi-Code is a marketing campaign toolkit that takes the data captured by Wi-Trends and uses this to send out specific, targeted discount or offer codes, designed to appeal to the user.

These can be in the form of standard barcodes, QR or 2D formats, with advertising or some form or promotional statement in the display in the customer’s hand – see the example below: –


Because Wi-Trends captures important user profiling data (such as gender) offer codes are built and sent that are relevant – i.e. male offers not being sent to female customers, based on the log-in registration data captured.

Wi-Code is unique because:

  • It’s integrated as part of the Wi-Trends product
  • It reacts fast to a user being at the site – users are captured in seconds when they walk in the shop
  • The data is always there for YOU – opted in users are YOUR contact point and ready to be sent offers right away
  • The code  is only provided by YOU and delivered in a format that YOUR stores can read
  • Codes are created and generated by YOU, dynamically changed when YOU want

How It Works

The Wi-Code toolkit is accessed by an easy to use interface that allows the codes that you own to be delivered to the customer’s handset. The Toolkit and ability to create codes on Wi-Code is operated by your teams via a web based portal.

Codes generated match to your EPOS systems and are used to push or secure discounts and offers that you decide.

Each code is redeemable in the format you decide and is capable of being redeemed by the customer, which can generate both up-sell for promotions that are new or current; and customers coming back

Promotions or competitions can be entered using QR codes that then direct the customer to your website, and thus when the customer is in-store, they are sent a promotion or competition entry form, that builds loyalty and rich engagement.

You manage what codes, what discounts and what promotions are delivered to YOUR customers and when they can see these on their handsets.


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