What if you could turn your  guest WiFi into a powerful channel to drive customer transactions?

Providing free, quality, WiFi has a cost; with Wi-Trends brands reap the rewards of providing free WiFi to their visitors without needing to charge the user for it.


Wi-Trends is a WiFi marketing software used by large-scale guest WiFi networks – hotel/retail/hospitality chains or large public venues like stadiums/conference centres/wired cities)  – to capture visitor data, deliver personalised marketing and promotions, and drive in-venue spending.

Here’s how Wi-Trends will transform your business

KNOW MORE: A visitor only has to register once to access your guest WiFi. Then, every time they visit, your WiFi recognises them through their device. You’ll know how often they visit, how long they stayed, and get their email address or mobile phone number so you can reach them when they’ve gone



GIVE MORE: research shows that if free WiFi is available, visitors will connect. Tap into this opportunity by engaging with your visitors through WiFi. Wi-Trends’ marketing tools help you deliver content marketing, promotions, customer satisfaction surveys and mobile voucher offers – all in real-time



GET MORE: when you connect to customers, both on and off-site, you can drive transactions that will directly offset the costs of your WiFi.  You know your customers want WiFi but it doesn’t have to be a huge overhead; Wi-Trends makes WiFi an essential part of your mobile and multi-channel marketing strategies.



“Wi-Trends is like plugging Google Adsense, with the ability to serve ads, in to your bricks and mortar business.” – Analyst review

How does Wi-Trends work?

Branded Landing Pages

Your brand when they land
When guests or customers first visit your branded landing page, they’ll find exactly what they’re expecting; a uniquely branded landing page which looks and feels consistent with your overall marketing communications – not a generic log-in page from the WiFi provider. The creation of your branded landing page is all part of the complete Wi-Trends package. With Wi-Trends, your WiFi becomes an extension of your brand.

Register once, remembered forever
It’s quick, simple and stress-free for your guests or customers to register for your WiFi – and for you to capture their all-important data. They simply supply their email address, mobile phone number, social media profile, such as their Twitter handle or Facebook username, or a membership number when they first visit your branded landing page. Then, in just a few clicks, they’re online. And that’s it: they never have to register again because every time they visit your hotel or venue with their mobile device, Wi-Trends recognises them and they’re instantly connected.

Every venue, every time
The way Wi-Trends works is that once your guest or customer has registered for WiFi, they never have to re-register because Wi-Trends is brand-wide. That means that regardless of which hotel or venue they visit, Wi-Trends instantly recognises their mobile device and they’ll be online in seconds. And if they visit using a different device from a previous visit, Wi-Trends can connect their user behaviour across multiple devices through their registration details.

Mobile Analytics

Data capture for clever marketing
Mobile phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles… it’s all highly valuable information. With Wi-Trends, you’ll have this data at your fingertips every time a guest or customer registers. You can then create bespoke marketing campaigns based on the mobile analytics: how often they visit, what they buy, the services they use, how long they spend with you, their age and if possible, through their user name, their gender. So sending ‘push messages’, such as an SMS to your guest or customer’s phone whilst they are on-site, is now all in a day’s work thanks to Wi-Trends.

Mobile Marketing & Mobile Vouchers

Engage in venue, on the move, or at home
Even when your guests or customers have left your venue, the engagement can continue. Mobile marketing with Wi-Trends allows you to communicate with your guests or customers both on-site, using WiFi, or off-site through the contact details they registered with, such as their mobile phone number or email address. There are some different ways to do this:

  • Use the Wi-Trends dashboard to view your data and execute basic, but effective, marketing campaigns through email, SMS, and sending mobile vouchers
  •  Export customer data – like email addresses – into a CSV file and upload to your marketing tools; such as an email or newsletter software
  • Brands told us “Not another marketing dashboard!” With the Wi-Trends API Wi-Trends integrates with your existing business systems; like Customer Intelligence/CRM, digital marketing and data analytics, E-Commerce, and point-of-sale (POS) systems. We are the only WiFi marketing provider who can do this


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