What’s the ROI on in-store WiFi?

Today’s shoppers want guest WiFi:

  • 67% use the internet while shopping; 38% to update social media
  • 69% of people would visit again, stay for longer, or visit more often
  • 34% of people use WiFi to download discount vouchers for stores

– BT Survey 2014

But what do retailers get?

Using Wi-Trends with your in-store WiFi network takes WiFi from an added cost to added value. Forward thinking retailers use the demand for WiFi as an opportunity to connect with their customers. Our customers are discovering three key benefits to WiFi marketing:

Drive in-store spending: If free WiFi is available, most visitors will connect. So why not tap into this opportunity to engage with your shoppers? Retailers use Wi-Trends marketing tools to send relevant and timely promotions to customers. One retailer promoted thermal clothing during a sudden cold snap. Another retailer promoted BBQ products on a hot weekend in spring. WiFi gives you a real-time channel to run timely promotions. Using our tools to create promotions and vouchers takes literally minutes and can be done at central headquarters or at store level.

Know more about shoppers: Our retail customers tell us that Wi-Trends has real tangible value in the data it collects. From email addresses captured at registration to building customer behaviour profiles over time. Wi-Trends provides a layer of digital insight in-store that was previously unseen.

FINALLY connect online shoppers with offline (in-store) behaviour: Retailers and Etailers are now one in the same as every bricks-and-mortar brand ensures their digital presence is up to scratch. The problem has always been, until now, connecting the digital customer with the in-store one. WiFi gives shoppers a compelling reason to give information such as email addresses or mobile phone numbers that makes them both a) reachable after they’ve left the store and b) links their online and offline visits into a single view of the customer. Our option to register with a social log-in even means that you can start to connect online “fans” and social media campaigns with real in-store visits.

Give shoppers the WiFi they want BUT give yourselves Wi-Trends.




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