The pressure to provide quality WiFi, free of charge

Now that guests expect free WiFi, hotels are losing the revenue stream that used to pay for it. Hotel WiFi is particularly costly as guests need a good WiFi connection in multiple locations; from the lobby, to the hotel bar, and in each individual bedroom. This on top of other digital pressures – the rise in online-travel-agencies (OTAs) – means hotels are getting financially squeezed on multiple fronts.

Hotels tell us that Wi-Trends helps them pull back lost revenue and increase revenue per available room (RevPAR) in three key ways:

Driving in hotel spending: We recently completed a pilot campaign to address a situation common in many hotels – high room occupancy but an empty restaurant during lunchtime. Using Wi-Trends the hotel manager was able to send an SMS blast to all on-site guests connected to the WiFi at 11am and promote a meal offer between 12 and 2pm. Offer uptake was around 25% – leaving all with no doubt that WiFi is a powerful way to drive more in hotel spending.

Understanding more about the guest: The richer the customer profile, the better hotels can target guests with offers and re-booking incentives; but in many cases the OTAs are owning data – and the relationship – with hotel guests.  With Wi-Trends hotels can not only reach their guests better but understand them better by tracking their behaviour over time and asking for simple data that will enhance your customer profiles.

Delivering exceptional customer service: Each guest is, of course, worth more than the value of a single stay. Once they leave there is potential revenue to be gained, from re-booking and referrals,  and revenue lost if the guest complains about their stay at your hotel. Social media and the rise of travel review sites means this effect is being amplified further and faster than ever before. Wi-Trends’ customer survey forms are one tool in the manager’s arsenal. They can send out real-time queries on how a guest’s stay is going and return feedback in minutes; so that staff can act and, if necessary, approach the guest directly to resolve. With mobile analytics you can make these surveys highly relevant – if a guest is connected to the WiFi in the gym ask them about cleanliness and the range of equipment available. Connected in the bar? Ask them if they are considering eating in the restaurant that evening and what they think about current menu options. You ask, Wi-Trends delivers the answers.

Don’t fight free guest WiFi – Tap into this opportunity by engaging with guests through the WiFi. Wi-Trends’ marketing tools help you deliver content marketing, promotions, customer satisfaction surveys and mobile vouchers – all in real-time.

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