Wicoms doesn’t provide or sell any hardware or wireless networking services. Wi-Trends  software licenses are sold exclusively through a network of approved wireless hardware and network providers.

If you want Wi-Trends for your venue contact us directly; we can either speak to your current service provider or connect you to one of our preferred partners. The choice is yours.

[Please note that Wi-Trends is for venues who are providing and managing their own WiFi networks, not those using third-party services. ]

Wi-Trends is a winner for resellers

Selling WiFi hardware and networking has become a commodity. Those in the industry tell us that, when it comes to selling WiFi, their customers now see cost as the key differentiator.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Why pay when WiFi is practically free from The Cloud, BT and O2?

The cheapest supplier, wins the bid

We only need installation and set-up; no services thanks.

Wi-Trends gives businesses buying, or upgrading, large-scale guest WiFi networks another reason to buy from YOU and it moves paying for WiFi away from a pain point to a revenue opportunity.

Wi-Trends gives your customers a return on investment. They get:

  • greater value from their WiFi
  • their own branded landing page
  • a simple and effective way to do mobile marketing
  • to reach customers in real-time both in venue and off-site
  • a quick and hassle free registration process for guests and customers
  • valuable data for using in the business and with other marketing programmes
  • to engage with guests or customers on a new, more effective, and more relevant level

If you are one of the below would you consider working with us?

Yes? Ok then get in touch NOW.

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