Press Release – Wi-Trends 1.1 Launched and Being Deployed by Customers

4th  February 2013

Press Release – Wi-Trends 1.1 Launched and Being Deployed by Customers

Today, 4th February 2013, Wicoms has launched the latest version (1.1) of the intuitive Wi-Trends WiFi analytics and management platform, which is already being used in retail, banking and enterprise WiFi services applications.

Wi-Trends Analytics is a cloud-based service, which is transforming the way venues and customers view and use public WiFi. Displaying valuable trends (well beyond how many people logged into a venue on a particular day) – such as repeat visitors to first time users; tablet users to mobile users; the quietest time of the day and usage to peak hours – the analytics and security features generated by Wi-Trends are both innovative and extensive.

The Wi-Trends platform is also compatible with a wide range of hardware, making deployment even more cost effective by re-using existing installations.

These analytics tools are the difference between simply allowing customers to browse the internet and really understanding trends and user activity. Wi-Trends makes available location based information, tailored to your user base and with your brand or messages in full view throughout.

Key Features


  •       Dashboard
    – The intuitive dashboard instantly gives you an analytical overview of the network. Here you can view live and relevant user session and monitoring information.
  •       Reports
    – The reports generated by Wi-Trends are extensive, from basic sessions information to advanced user trends analytics. Wi-Trends Analytics has them all.
  •       Monitoring
    – Live monitoring information from venues is crucial for the WiFi service so we’ve made it a key component of Wi-Trends Analytics. All live monitoring and session data is overlaid on a map for clean and clear analysis and dynamic responses to traffic patterns or faults.


Peter Hase, CEO of Wicoms said

“Wicoms has established a significant lead in regards to analytics over WiFi and we remain focused on what the venue needs to make best use of the key data from users on their locations. We have built this latest release of Wi-Trends on the back of actual user feedback across many applications and following the successful launch of the Free Skype WiFi service.

“With the retail markets now ever more dependent on their mobile customer experience and multi-channel to enhance their relationships with customers, Wicoms expands the proposition for our customers. Just a few months on from the Free Skype WiFi service launch, Wicoms now has the Enterprise and Guest WiFi users covered with a sophisticated analytics platform that will continue to add value from WiFi applications”.

A recently published White Paper from Wicoms clearly shows that customers in-store want to see offers and promotions on their mobile device when they are out and that they are using these devices more and more whilst they shop the High Street.

Wicoms has an expanding range of service partners that engage with their customers to deliver a complete end-to-end WiFi solution and has plans to expand Globally with their platforms and partnerships.

About Wicoms

Wicoms is a wireless integration business, selling with channel partners, to service and support the needs of enterprise customers that require sophisticated wireless solutions. Wicoms blends it’s own technology for user access and management of wireless services, with products from major industry players, to arrive at a fully managed solution. Operating since 2007, we have a superb pedigree working with customers and partners such as Skype, Motorola and JT Global. By 2014 Wicoms will have an integrated wireless management platform that will enable the support and control of many wireless technologies and hardware for enterprise users.

Embedded within all our services is our analysis platform (Wi-Trends) that allows networks and their venues to understand how their own customers use WiFi and has sophisticated analytics included.

In May 2011 Wicoms was acquired by Auster Capital Partners (ACP), a New York-based private equity and investment advisory firm. With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, ACP believes that the WiFi space is set for more expansion and that Wicoms’ enterprise focus means it can deliver unique solutions to business.

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