Wicoms is a UK-based WiFi services management business and the creators of the Wi-Trends WiFi Marketing Software.

Founded in 2007 Wicoms was acquired in May 2011 by Auster Capital Partners (ACP), a New York-based private equity and investment advisory firm,   and realigned to focus on value-add WiFi services.

In 2012 the company signed several strategic partnerships with Motorola, JT, and Skype – the latter resulting in Wicoms being the partner of choice to support Skype free WiFi initiative across the UK and Ireland.

Then in 2013 the Wicoms team consolidated their experience to release Wi-Trends – WiFi marketing software. Wi-Trends available through resellers and strategic partnerships across Marketing Services, Wireless Hardware and Infrastructure, and Wireless Network providers.



Auster CapitalPartners

Auster Capital Partners (ACP) is a private equity and investment advisory firm founded in 2008. It is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, with an office in London and an affiliate office in Santiago, Chile. Focused on increasing equity value and delivering strong returns, ACP invests in and works with a variety of funds and private and public companies, looking out for inspired ideas, talented teams and strong business foundations. It seeks to invest in private companies that maintain a strong value proposition, proven management team and an enterprise value between $5 million and $50 million. ACP has expertise in a variety of technology sectors, including the telecommunications, managed services, cloud computing and information technology industries. www.austercapitalpartners.com


MLC50 is a London-based private investment advisory partnership focused on early stage investments in the media, life and communications sectors.

The Team

Peter Hase (Chief Executive Officer)

Peter Hase thumbnailPeter has over 30 years of experience in the Telecoms and Managed Services sector. He began his Telecoms career in 1983 at Norton Telecom, moving to Racal and Midland Network Services. In 1993 Peter was at the start of Saturn Global Network, being closely involved with the sale of the business to IXNet in 1998 as MD (Europe) and as part of the team that sold the business to Global Crossing. Following several years of management consulting work in his own practice, Peter joined Telstra International, where he ran the US division and become SVP of Global Business Development in 2008. Peter joined Auster Capital Partners in 2010 and became the CEO of Wicoms in 2011, following its acquisition by Auster Capital Partners.

Thomas Locke (Technical Director)

Thomas Locke thumbnailWith ten years technical experience , Thomas has a vast understanding of both the public and private WiFi sectors. Prior to joining Wicoms as Technical Director in 2012 he was CTO of Freerunr,  one of the largest independent public WiFi providers in the UK. From 2006 to 2008 he served as a Network Engineer at The Cloud Networks Europe’s largest WISP at the time (now owned by Sky). Thomas has also worked in both the mobile marketing and online advertising industries having previously worked for Enpocket (now Nokia) and Betgenius respectively. Thomas has a deep understanding of wireless technologies such as WiFi, BLE, RFID and IoT.

Nik Haidar (Commercial Director)

Nik Haidar thumbnailNik worked as a radio and TV producer with the BBC in 1990, moving into NTL in 1997 as a senior product manager and launching their ntlworld ISP service. In 2001, he moved to Tiscali to manage their UK business to consumer (B2C) internet product portfolio, progressing in due course to become their Head of Access & Data in 2003, promoted to International Product Director in 2004. In 2005, Nik joined QAS (owned by Experian) as their Director of Product Management, after which he moved to Telstra Europe in 2007 to become their Product Development Director. He later returned to Experian QAS where he spent a several years leading their data management and quality products and services. He joined Wicoms in 2013. Nik holds an honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University Of Durham.

Darika Ahrens (Marketing & Business Development Dir.)

Darika Ahrens thumbnailDarika is a former Forrester analyst with more than nine years’ experience in marketing and a track record in working with digital companies. She began her career as account director with several agencies including Shiny Red and Shiny Media, before moving to Tempero – Social Media Management in 2009 as sales and marketing manager. Darika also helped develop the curriculum for and taught the Digital PR course at the Faculty of the University Of Westminster. In 2012, she joined Forrester Research as an interactive marketing analyst. She joined the Wicoms team in 2013.

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