Guernsey Harbours


“Our customers are high-profile yachtsmen and expect an exceptional WiFi experience. Using Wi-Trends we’ve not received a single complaint about log on  – unheard of with WiFi – and proof we’re keeping customers happy.” – Mike Gaudion, Asst Harbour Master (St Peter Port), States Of Guernsey, Harbours Division


Every summer over 24,000 visitors – many of them high profile yachtsmen – arrive at the Victoria Marina in Guernsey. They expect a superior experience during their visit including a reliable and easy-to-use WiFi Service.

Logging in to WiFi is a common source of complaint from visitors accessing a Public WiFi network. Guernsey Harbours wanted to improve the login experience as part of a major upgrade of the marina’s WiFi setup in 2013.


Working with the existing supplier, JT telecom, Guernsey Harbours chose the Wi-Trends platform to develop a dynamic, easy to connect, login page.


Guernsey harbours branded landing pageThe Victoria Marina branded landing page:

  • Registers visitors & connects them to the Public WiFi network  in a single click
  • Recognises returning visitors and instantly connects them to WiFi every time they arrive at the Victoria Marina
  •  Looks and, most importantly, works to the expectations of luxury services consumers


At Victoria Marina success has been measured by customer satisfaction with the WiFi service and the ease of use for a wide range of devices and nationalities.

The Wi-Trends marketing platform enabled 10s of 1000s of visitors over the busy summer season to log-in to the Victoria Marina WiFi quickly and successfully.To date, the marina has not received a single complaint about logging in to the WiFi service – of paramount importance when dealing with consumers who have high customer service expectations.

 “Wi-Trends met our requirements to a very high standard and provided an impressive WiFi experience to our visitors needing to get online quickly and painlessly to keep in touch with businesses, friends, and family.”

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